Top 3 Latest & Amazing Features of Xender App In 2020

Everyone knows about the Xender app, it is a very handy app that lets the user share any type of file wirelessly without using the internet connection. This beautiful feature has made xender app the most downloaded & most liked app on application stores. When you download xender app, you are eligible to perform multiple tasks like copy data in your phone from your pc or laptop, you can easily sort the files, and you can also make money with the latest version of xender app in 2020. So, here I am going to explain to you about the five latest & amazing features of xender app by which you will fall in love with this app. Continue reading

How To Download & Perform Video to Audio Conversion with the Latest Version of Xender Apk

The feature-rich application of the Xender file converter has made video files easy to convert to audio, for that you have to download Xender app. To take advantage of this you will need to download the Xender new version. But, you can also download the original Xender for your Windows Phone if you would like to take advantage of the free trial offer.

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In 2020 Download Xender App – The choice of 500 Million Users

We are delighted to share that, as per our current count, now xender app is the choice of approximately 500 million users all over the world. It is a big goal that we have achieved. We are continuously working on making xender app more simple and easy to use to all of our valuable users, so for achieving this goal our team is continuously working on it.

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Xender App – Download a Best Alternative of Shareit

Xender for devices is a very powerful app and one that can help you to transfer, receive and install other applications through Xender. You can download Xender app for pc or any other mobile device at no cost. This can be helpful for some people and it can also help you get started on your own. For those of you who are unsure of what Xender can do it has a plethora of features that can assist you in any way you need them and you can download Xender apk free for windows phone.

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transfer data from iPhone to android

How to transfer data from iPhone to android

With the developing technology day by day, things are becoming easier. Having an iPhone is indeed the great but not every time. Some bad things can happen to your beloved iPhone too, that you may need to replace it. There are other cases also when you simply want to transfer the data from your iPhone to an android. So, if you have totally decided that you want to transfer your data from iPhone to android then, we are glad to help you. All you need is to follow some steps carefully to reach to your destination. Continue reading

transfer photos from iphone to laptop (xender)

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Laptop, Macbook.

Photos are the best way to capture our memories. Photos are a pause to our memory line and are a big part of everyone’s life. People love to save all their pictures on all the possible electronic devices. But with so many devices inventing every day, it’s hard to transfer media from one device to another. One such case is to transfer media from iPhone to Windows and Macbook.

Transfer photos from iPhone to windows.

  1. Transferring photos from iPhone to windows through – dr. fone phone manager

Dr.fone- phone manager has been up to the mark with its services. Dr.fone phone manager comes with great functionality features, and it is one of the reputed brands to solve problems about iPhone media transfer. With the help of dr.fone-phone manager (iOS), you can transfer photos, videos and songs from iPhone. Continue reading

Top 5 Best Alternatives to Xender

Top 5 Best Alternatives to Xender

Xender is one of the most popular file-sharing applications which works on all kinds of platforms. It works super than any other file sharing apps out there.

Before Checking out other apps do try Xender app i bet you love it a lot than any other file sharing app as you can experience a faster trasnfer speed than any other apps in file sharing category. Continue reading

How to change Avatar Icon

How to change Avatar Icon?

If you are wondering that Xender only lets its users to share files from one device to another without customizing the app then, you are wrong. Xender lets its users change Avatar Icon which is used to recognize the receiver or sender around you. The basic purpose of the Avatar Icon is to make the transmission of files easier between both the devices. Continue reading

How to move Xender to SD Card

How to move Xender to SD Card?

Xender, known to be one of the best applications for sharing files allows people to send and receive as many files as they want to. In this article, we will tell you how to move Xender to SD Card. The transfer speed of Xender is around 200 times more than Bluetooth which has made it more reliable for use. However, if you are running low on internal storage, then you always have an option to move the app to SD Card. Continue reading

How to set default file destination

How to set default file destination?

This article will explain to you how to set default file destination in Xender. Xender has been an amazing cross-sharing platform for people who keep sharing files from one device to another and cannot do that via Bluetooth because it takes a lot of time. Xender allows people to send and receive files from Android, Windows, iOS, Tizen, and Mac, which makes it a sought-after application in the market. Continue reading