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What is a xender app?

Xender is an app that allows you to transfer files with other Xender users. This is done by scanning a QR code that they send you. The app has different tabs and you can use them to send and receive pictures, videos, and documents. You can also use it to backup apps if you need to switch to a new phone.

if you are looking for a file transfer app to send files or share with friends and family members, you should check out xender app. it is a cross-platform app which means it can be used on any computer, mobile, or tablet

Benefits of xender (2023)

completely Free

Easy To Use

it is user-friendly, anyone can use this. send files very easily to another device.

Faster than Bluetooth

200x faster

it is very 200x faster than Bluetooth. 50MBPS of transfer speed.

Multiple Devices

Compatible with All

you can download it for android, iPhone, Mac, or desktop.

Easy To Share File

easy To connect

connect very fast using QR code without any waiting.

Little Space

23MB Size

Xander is only 23Mb In Size and has great features.

No internet Require

Offline Mode

no internet needed, use it anywhere without an internet connection.

How Does Xender Work?

Xender Is A Platform Where You Can Transfer Files From One Device To Another! This Can Be Really Useful For People Who Have Multiple Devices With Large Amounts Of Storage! If You Are A Multi-Outlet Person, You Can Use This To Transfer Files From Your Old Device To A New One! You Can Send Any Type Of File And You Can Use This For Privacy, As It Doesn’t Require An Internet Connection To Send And Receive Files!

Why You Need To Download Xender App.?

if you want to share your all mobile files very easily with other mobile or pc within a few minutes then you may download xender application on your devices. it is very 200x fast of our thinking and it has also many features that you definitely love.

You can now upload your high-quality audio files straight to your mobile device. All of your family members can watch the videos directly from your PC. The digital video clips will be converted to your own original format before you can watch them on your mobile device. All you need to do is select the same video clip from the library and open it directly from your PC to view the same on the mobile device.

The video conversion tool will produce an audio file from your original file in very few seconds. The quality of the file that you create will depend on the number of frames and the kind of compression applied to the file. If you are running Windows 10 you can also make use of the video converter app for Windows Phone.

The Xender app for Windows Phone gives you the opportunity to get access to the same quality audio file. However, if you are running a Windows Phone you will not be able to view the file.

Screenshoots Of Xender Application

brand new material design
pause resume xender option
manage phone from computer web

Download Xender APK for Android, ISO, PC, Mac.

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Now time to download the latest version of Xender

DeveloperBeijing AnQiZhiLian Inc.
Initial Release2011
Last UpdatedA few days ago

Frequently Asked Questions

if you wanna install it on your device then follow the below instructions, that will help you to install .

Download Xender for Android

  1. Download .APK file by clicking download button above
  2. then, Click to Open app.
  3. then click to installation
  4. the app will be ready to open for use.

Yes, Xender application is chinese app, which is now one of the most famous and popular used file-sharing application, is developed by a Chinese tech company.

For any users who wish to take advantage of the free trial of the app, you will need to download the Xender New Version 2022 for Windows Phone. This allows you to use the app on your Windows Phone. It does not contain any adware or spyware, which can be harmful to your mobile device. You can directly use the video conversion tool and then send it directly to your Windows Phone.

This Article Will Explain To You How To Set The Default File Destination In Xender. Xender Has Been An Amazing Cross-Sharing Platform For People Who Keep Sharing Files From One Device To Another And Cannot Do That Via Bluetooth Because It Takes A Lot Of Time. Xender Allows People To Send And Receive Files From Android, Windows, IOS, Tizen, And Mac, Which Makes It A Sought-After Application In The Market.

Xender Allows People To Save Files That You Have Received From Another Device In Your Device That You Would Like. You, Will, Get Two Options To Save Your Files. You Can Store It Either In Your Phone Memory, Which Involves The Internal Storage, Or The SD Card If It Is Available In Your Device.

How To Set Default File Destination?

Below Are The Steps To Set Default File Destination:

  • First, Launch Xender
  • Tap The Avatar Icon
  • Navigate To Settings
  • Click On The Download Location
  • From Here Select SD Card Or Phone Storage For Your Default File Destination

Once You Have Done This, Your Data Will Be Stored In Your Chosen Option

you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, launch the Settings App on your device
  • Then tap on Apps & Notifications
  • Tap on the Apps option
  • Navigate to Xender
  • Finally, select Move to SD Card option.

Once You Follow These Steps, You Can Move The App To SD Card For Its Better Functioning.

If you are wondering that Xender only lets its users share files from one device to another without customizing the app then, you are wrong. Xender lets its users change Avatar Icon which is used to recognize the receiver or sender around you. The basic purpose of the Avatar Icon is to make the transmission of files easier between both devices.

How to change Avatar Icon?

Following these steps one can easily change Avatar Icon on Xender:

  • First, launch Xender on the device.
  • Navigate to the Avatar Icon on the top-left hand corner of the screen
  • Click on your Avatar Icon which is next to your device’s name
  • Here, you will find a list of pre-made cartoon characters from which you can select one. If you do not want to select one from them, you can also choose to take a photo with the camera or select a picture from your Gallery.
  • Select Take a Photo or Choose one from the Gallery
  • After selecting the picture, you can crop it
  • Finally, adjust the picture accordingly and then tap on the Save Button

So Now That You Know How To Change Avatar Icon, You Can Do So Whenever You Are Bored With Your Avatar Icon.

Xender is one of the most popular file-sharing applications which works on all kinds of platforms. It works super than any other file-sharing app out there.

Before Checking out other apps do try the Xender app I bet you love it a lot more than any other file sharing app as you can experience a faster transfer speed than any other apps in the file-sharing category.

But in this article, we bring you the five best alternatives for Xender, which can also be equally useful.

1 . Shareit:

This is one of the best file-sharing applications which works on computers and smartphones very quickly. It helps you provide an easy-to-use interface and has different methods of sharing files.

2. SilFer File Share:

This is a multifunctional app having a functional interface and designed cleanly for smooth functioning. It has an error-free file-sharing method that works on PC and smartphones without any internet connection. Also, if you are looking for a bug-free filesharing way, you can use the Wi-Fi hotspot.

3. Zapya:

This app does not have ads; hence you can enjoy sharing files without any interruptions. It is available for iOS Windows and Mac platforms.

4. Feem:

This application provides you with a hassle-free file-sharing facility. It offers an option to create a hotspot to send and receive files for various available platforms like iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also use this application through a web browser.

5. Dukto:

It is an official file-sharing application that allows you to send and receive files from different devices. To use this app, you need to use your IP address to establish a successful connection with the other device to share data. Thus, these are the five best alternatives to Xender that you can use at your convenience

We are delighted to share that, as per our current count, now xender app is the choice of approximately 500 million users all over the world. It is a big goal that we have achieved. We are continuously working on making xender app simple and easy to use for all of our valuable users, so for achieving this goal our team is continuously working on it.

With the developing technology day by day, things are becoming easier. Having an iPhone is indeed great but not every time. Some bad things can happen to your beloved iPhone too, that you may need to replace.

There are other cases also when you simply want to transfer the data from your iPhone to an android. So, if you have totally decided that you want to transfer your data from iPhone to android then, we are glad to help you. All you need is to follow some steps carefully to reach your destination.

1. Transfer photos from iPhone to android phone :

  • For the transfer, you need to download the Google Photos to your iPhone.
  • Then, open the Google Photos application.
  • Sign in if you are not. Then, tap “Get started”.
  • They will ask you to allow the Google Photos to access your pictures, simply tap “Ok”.
  • Now, on the next page, select your desired option and continue.
  • Now, tap the circle and choose the quality of the photos and continue.
  • Then tap the notifications option if you want to get notifies when someone shared pictures otherwise tap on No Thanks option.
  • But, if you choose No Thanks, then further select Leave off.
  • Now, when you open your android device and connect it to the internet, then, you will be able to see all of them.

This is how you are done with the procedure. Now, let us see the other methods to transfer photos from iPhone to android.

2. Transfer music from iPhone to android phone :

  • Install iTunes on your system and connect your iPhone to it.
  • Then, you need to select your device on your system and visit the music tab. You need to do this to sync the music between iPhone and iTunes.
  • Simply click on the “Apply” tab.
  • After the completion of the process, disconnect your iPhone from the system.
  • Now, you need to download the Google Music application on your system.
  • Then, you need to launch the Music Manager app.
  • Now, select the option of “upload songs to Google Play”.
  • Then, select “iTunes” and simply continue.
  • Your screen will display the available songs. Select the option desired.
  • Now, you need to wait for some minutes till you get notified.
  • Now, download the Google Music app on your android phone to access all the songs.

This is how you are done with the process. The process is a little hectic but gives complete results.

Photos are the best way to capture our memories. Photos are a pause to our memory line and are a big part of everyone’s life. People love to save all their pictures on all the possible electronic devices. But with so many devices inventing every day, it’s hard to transfer media from one device to another. One such case is to transfer media from iPhone to Windows and Macbook.

Transfer photos from iPhone to windows.

Dr.fone- phone manager has been up to the mark with its services. Dr.fone phone manager comes with great functionality features, and it is one of the reputed brands to solve problems about iPhone media transfer. With the help of dr. fone-phone manager (iOS), you can transfer photos, videos, and songs from your iPhone.

Step 1: – Connect your iPhone to your laptop.

Step 2: – Install dr. fone phone manager (iOS) and launch the application.

Step 3: – Open phone manager in the application. The device-connected name will show up on the left side of the panel.

Step 4: – Select option ‘transfer device photos to PC’.

Step 5: – The application will show the photo files available on the iPhone. Now you can select the required data to transfer photos from iPhone to the Laptop.

With the help of the above, you can transfer photos from your iPhone to your Windows Laptop.

Disclaimer – Xenderapp.in is an unofficial site and not associated with Beijing AnQiZhiLian Inc. or any of it’s respective developers.

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