About Us

Xender App is known world wide as a file sharing app but its much more than a file sharing app because it a file sharing app that works without any mobile data or WiFi connection.

Yes, you all read it correctly and most importantly even thought it works without WiFi and mobile data and transfer files via Bluetooth its much faster than average Bluetooth file sharing.

Thats the reason its considered as one of the best and number one app for file sharing in google play store and other app stores.

Its popularity gave it the most downloaded file sharing app status in google app store.

You can download the app from here : https://www.xenderapp.in/download/

Also visit this page to know more about xender app : https://www.xenderapp.in/blog/

how to send file in xender app : https://www.xenderapp.in/how-to-send-files-in-xender-app/

xender web : https://www.xenderapp.in/how-to-connect-to-xender-web/

how to receive file in xender app : https://www.xenderapp.in/how-to-receive-files-in-xender/


Xender App