Unable to transfer files with VPN (Fix)

Unable to transfer files with VPN

Here we will give you a few solutions when you are unable to move files with VPN on the Xender app. Xender works pretty smoothly, without any issue when it comes to sharing data with other devices. It works well with all types of operators and across different platforms in almost no-time.

However, one can face the issue of sending and receiving files when one of the devices is connected to a VPN. In such a case, data will not transfer. Continue reading

Unable to find Receivers (Fix)

Unable to find receivers

This article will tell you about what is to be done if you be unable to find receivers while using the Xender application. Xender is a file sharing and receiving platform which has made it easy for users to send in videos, pictures, and other files from one phone to another. However, there can be issues when you are unable to find receivers despite everything running smoothly.

This is not a permanent issue, but while sharing important files, this can be a problem. Continue reading

Fix Xender Crashing

How to fix Xender Crashing?

In this article, we will describe for you the way you can fix Xender crashing in your device. Xender is one of the famous applications which people are using for sending and receiving files. It has made the process of sharing and receiving data easier for people who use different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. The unique feature of Xender is that it does not have any advertisements while you operate the application. Advertisements can get very annoying, especially when you are busy sharing files from one phone to another. But with the Xender app, uninterrupted sharing of data can happen because of no advertisements in between the process. Continue reading