Top 3 Latest & Amazing Features of Xender App In 2020

Everyone knows about the Xender app, it is a very handy app that lets the user share any type of file wirelessly without using the internet connection. This beautiful feature has made xender app the most downloaded & most liked app on application stores. When you download xender app, you are eligible to perform multiple tasks like copy data in your phone from your pc or laptop, you can easily sort the files, and you can also make money with the latest version of xender app in 2020. So, here I am going to explain to you about the five latest & amazing features of xender app by which you will fall in love with this app.

Latest version of Xender App is your new App Extractor in 2020

Xender app has one amazing feature to extract all apps that are installed in your mobile devices & transfer them to another device. Users can utilize this feature to store a backup of all other installed apps of your phone.

latest version of xender app in 2020

With this app extraction feature, you can send a game or any other type of file to your friend’s phone without using a single bit of data, this is a quickly performed process and the main thing that will blow your mind is that you will never face any downloading error in this process. But this is a tricky activity you have to perform, so I recommend you to please do proper research before doing any app extraction by xender app.

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Xender app works as an Upgraded File Manager

Xender app allows you to easily share files with anyone. But it also works as a smart file manager. This feature makes the xender app super handy and demandable in the market. You can always install a file management system app on your mobile phones, but you do not need it if you have a xender app installed in your android or windows phone.
This app segmented all types of files i.e. photos, videos & installed apps on your phone. It can subcategories your other files like documents, archives, APK’s &Ebooks. It will also provide full access to your SD card & internal storage with a proper status report of acquired and free space. There are very few apps that can calculate the actual free storage space on your phone. Xender app can do it.

Easy to share files in the Group with Xender Apk Download

Exhausted with the traditional file sending process through other outdated apps? The file that you want to share might not be massive, but the time is taken and the process of reconnecting with others is excruciating. Xender app is different from all those outdated apps, now you can share your files in a group of up to 10 people with this new version of Xender App download.

new version of Xender App download

The process of sharing a file is the same as other apps like you have to create a hotspot with the app on your phone, join your friend with peer to peer network. The positive point is that anyone in the connected phones can send anything to anyone in the group once they get connected, there is no requirement of establishing reconnection. The latest version of xender is the best fit for windows phone also.

There is no doubt that the xender app is one of the best applications that we have ever used. It is easy to use and fast. It is an ad-free app and these features created this app best from others.

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