Unable to transfer files with VPN

Here we will give you a few solutions when you are unable to move files with VPN on the Xender app. Xender works pretty smoothly, without any issue when it comes to sharing data with other devices. It works well with all types of operators and across different platforms in almost no-time.

However, one can face the issue of sending and receiving files when one of the devices is connected to a VPN. In such a case, data will not transfer.

Unable to transfer files with VPN (Fix)

Unable to transfer files with VPN (Fix)

Why VPN causes problems?

The reason for the VPN causing problems is VPN does not allow the device to activate the hotspot. This will cause a problem for both the devices not to be connected to the same network. Hence, there will be an issue in sharing files. Besides this, a VPN can also cause connection problems for both the devices, so you are unable to transfer data with VPN.

How can you fix this?

However, there is a way to resolve the issue. Before you start using Xender, you need to make sure that all the VPN apps are closed. This is the best way to allow smooth transfer of files with Xender. Also, if you are connected to a VPN connection, then it is better to turn it off and then transfer files to avoid the problem of sharing data.

Thus, this article helped you to fix the problem if you are unable to transfer files with VPN. Now you can share unlimited data with Xender without any issues.

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